If you want to see what all. I do and how I do it come on. so first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to dye my hair night Skincare routine. and now because I have any makeup on server to remove my makeup first it’s very very important you have to have to remove makeup I’m using the Danya my school water and love this one skincare
you guys can clearly see that just went a few drop of this night Skincare routine.I like about this my snow watery stick
it takes off all your makeup interests were at home and singing Z doesn’t even make her skin oily
so now I’m using kimchi from body shop.

Massage your skin:

it’s my favorite baseball it’s very gentle on my skin and best for combination skin just gonna take few
drops of it make sure you keep a separate towel for your fees and if you do that you will see huge returns on her skin because you should never use the same towel as my body now I’m going to use the toner and
using this peyote Bible Coppertone it’s for tightening toner and love this one
it just gives you this instant freshness.

Good food for skin:

I can’t after cleaning my face like properly doing the toning. now I start to kill some good food to my skin because at night we have you know this longest gap so you should always put products which motions can be really well because especially not winters we need something rolling gesture rising but before that, I just apply this so it’s comedy show line and wrinkle rule on eye cream it’s very very good for your dark circles and the puffiness and everything. I was dealing with that recently so I wanted to try this and because this has is roll-on thing so it’s very very easy to apply and after blanket, I just shake me massage.

And after doing that I apply a the syllabus and face shop it’s very there gave Adam dream and I just did love this I just think a tiny
amount of this to meet this much and massage on my skin.


so the best part about this product is even if you do want to use a Masha after this it’s completely your choice because this product already has a moisturizer also have it emergency room everything
in one but because it’s winter I want to hydrate my skin a lot and that’s why I use a moisturizer after this so the one.

I’m using right now is called longish. it’s the water bank moisturizing cream and oh my god the screen is so amazing especially even if you have an oily skin because it has the maximum content no water you can definitely use this one because it’s not going to be oily. Now the last step of my winter skincare
team is I let mask because again and sphincters my lips I might rise so much to move you have to give something extra to your lips that that’s are using a liquid mask I’m if you wanna use it you can use a basic vaccine.

Take good sleep:

But yes – it’s called a longish lip sleeping mask and it’s so amazing as far as it’s mean you’re jolly good just going to take a tiny bit of it now this is how I end my night skincare routine I hope you like this video and
if you liked it give a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe to my channel let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions later – winter skincare I will surely get a reply and delight.


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